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Acorn house restaurant
Acorn House Restaurant claims to be London's first truly eco-friendly training restaurant. The restaurant trains 10 young chefs every year and every aspect of Acorn House, from design through to delivery aims to be environmentally aware or sustainable. From recycling to water conservation and purification, to lighting management, to the use of biodegradable sources, waste prevention, and the use of local food suppliers, the restaurant demonstrates their commitment to reducing their impact on the environment.
Annie Creek Restaurant and Gift Shop
Located at the south entrance to Crater Lake National Park in Oregon, Annie Creek Restaurant and Gift Shop is situated within Mazama Village.  Prior to construction of this new facility, the closest visitor services were located near the rim of Crater Lake, more than seven miles from the large visitor base at Mazama Village. This great distance encouraged the use of personal vehicles and increased traffic throughout the park. Thus, the new building enhances the visitor services provided within the park while reducing the environmental impacts of traffic.  Materials for this project were selected based on their regional manufacturing, recycled content, and low chemical emissions in the standard criteria.  Additionally, thanks to a highly efficient low-temperature dishwasher, dual-flush toilets, waterless urinals, and low-flow faucets, the project's water use was cut almost in half.  Overall, the building was designed to minimize energy consumption.
Employees Adding Momentum to Greening Movement
Ethnic Eateries Learn To Trim Their Own Bills
Greening the Restaurant Industry
Thimmakka is a grassroots non-profit organization dedicated to environmental outreach. They have created an environmental and community health initiative called Thimmakka Certified Green Restaurant program  (previously called Greening Ethnic Restaurants or GER). The TCGR program enables restaurants (with special services to ethnic restaurants) to reduce their environmental impact in the areas of water, energy, solid waste, pollution and storm water, which saves them money, integrates them into city services and generates community and government goodwill which can be leveraged to successfully grow their business. The case study also includes a PDF overview.
How to Green a Restaurant Part 1: Ike's Restaurant
Sustainable Tourism Case Studies
This is a presentation of sustainable tourism case studies, including sustainable certification programs and industry segments destinations, hotels, and restaurants.  Also included are general green tips for the office and the home.